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The Circle Keepers

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The Circle Keepers is a youth development fellowship that trains middle and high school aged youth as restorative justice practitioners, peacemakers and activists who bring healing, restoration and transformation into their communities by leading conflict resolution circles, facilitating educational workshops, conducting participatory action research and designing policies that center the voices, experiences and agency of young people in their pursuit of peace, safety, healing, and justice.

“There’s Power Everywhere There's People” 

Chairman Fred Hampton 

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Cohort '23

Cohort 23 come together in August 2020, just as members entered 9th grade in remote learning. In the past three and a half years, they facilitated over 300 school based mediations, trained hundreds of youth and school bases staff in restorative practices, traveled the country to present educational workshops and have produced many restorative justice community based events. 


We are equal parts political education hub, arts-based mentorship space, and family dinner! 

We deeply believe that Restorative Justice is about creating, sustaining & repairing healthy relationships. 

Circle Keepers aims to create and foster an environment for students to develop their identities as peacemakers & changemakers!

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The Circle Keepers is an abolitionist “life affirming institution” (Gilmore,2017) that creates new realities for freedom and justice while engaging in the struggle of saying NO!(Abu-Jamal,2015) to transform our homes, schoolhouses and neighborhoods from sites where apathy at best and “spirit murdering” systems at worst thrive, (Love, 2019) into places where solidarity, peace and justice are the norm. 

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Brooklyn, NY

The Lenape land, or Lenapehoking, included parts of what are now New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Europeans arrived in the 1600s, colonizing this land, taking an unforgivable human toll, and forever altering the natural history of this continent.





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