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Liberation Drum Circles engages youth in social justice activism through community drumming, singing and chanting in the schoolhouse and in the community. This program is designed to provide students with an appreciation of percussion music as an art form, a cultural practice, a tool for social justice activism, and as a way to build community; all pursuits that can be developed for a lifetime. Students will be inspired to use music as a tool for enjoyment, self-realization and liberation, for themselves and for each other as a community.  


Five Tenets of Liberation Drum Circles:

  1. Percussion: We believe in drumming in community as a way to build bridges amongst people, and heal the world.

  2. Liberation: We are committed to defending the human rights of the oppressed in the struggle for collective liberation.

  3. Activism: We recognize that we are the change makers the world needs and that activism is our duty.

  4. Youth: We recognize youth as an integral part of humanity. We celebrate, center and cherish youth.

  5. Singing: We are committed to singing for ourselves amplifying our yearnings of peace, justice, safety, belonging and love. 




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