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The Circle Keepers Restorative Justice Arts-Based Fellowship is a series of sequential, weekly programs that develop youth’s academic and social emotional skills through an Arts-based, Restorative Justice practices, Culturally Sustaining and Responsive Pedagogies framework (Alim & Paris, 2017). Our programs’ goals are embedded on the following three CRSP domains:


1: Cultural Education: Young people study art forms of their choosing such as music performance/production, visual arts, photography, theater, coding, dance, fashion, and/or poetry to explore different world cultures as well as affirm their own. These activities serve as a way to build interpersonal relationships among the participants and educators as well as strengthen the youth’s sense of identity and pride and act as vehicles for inner healing and self expression. 

2: Social Emotional Support: Students partake in restorative justice circles to process issues they are experiencing, develop skills they can use to navigate conflict in their daily lives and. Furthermore, they train as circle keepers to facilitate peer mediations and RJ circles in their own communities. Additionally, they work alongside a mental health professional in group settings to develop educational and social emotional tools for success. 

3: Social Justice Education: Students engage in political education courses to better understand issues like racism, White supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia, anti semitism, islamophobia, poverty, patriarchy, ableism, militarism as the roots of systemic harm and violence. 


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